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Walsh Stone is a company which is based in Sandyford Dublin.We are a family run company which has been running for four generations. We quarry out Native Granite from the Dublin mountains which is then carved into Headstones and Building Stones. Because we cut raw blocks out of the quarry we can design any kind of Headstone or Building Stone. We listen to the clients needs and we advise them in every way that we can. In regard to our Headstone service the client can design or help design the Headstone which has a personal touch with their loved one. We also make standard designed headstones out of Granite, Marble and Limestone. We can arange a meeting at a cemetry or our workshop with the client. In regard to our Building Stones we can design and make any type of Building Stones like cills, steps, coins and heads in any measurement in Dublin Granite. We can also cater for standard Building Stones. If there are any further questions please give us a call.